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True Progress, JHE and CWL

Sep 17, 1995 00:42 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Liesel wrote to JRC:

>I wasn't aware of what Brenda says here, that you're thinking
>of putting your findings on theos-l. If I were you, if you
>really want to do it, & boy, would I love it, I would take just
>a little bit & send it off as a trial baloon. I'm saying this,
>because I have the impression that some of us are friendly, &
>some of us are not. You must still remember some of the real
>dirty, nasty posts Jerry H-E sent off last year re Leadbeater.
>Do you want to expose yourself to that kind of garbage?

 If John wants to talk about his psychic experimentation then
I hope that he will feel perfectly free to do so. Long before
you began subscribing to this board, I had posted descriptions of
my own psychic experiences and had extensive interchanges with
others concerning mine and theirs. Regarding CWL, I should point
out to you that I distinguish between historical and personal
discussions. I hope you will make this distinction too.

Jerry HE

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