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Re: Boston Lodge

Sep 12, 1995 10:41 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> It really upsets me that no Secret Doctrine presence is maintained now either
> at Harvard University nor at the Arlington T.S., because so much work was
> put into building those centers up for the study of the original teachings
> and the infusion of Theosophical thought into the mainstream public and into
> a prestigious Univesrity. It was a grand experiment, and it collapsed quite
> ignobly. I am very sad about this, but I suppose that is the karma of all of
> us involved.
> Rich
And more than that, the karma of the Theosophical Movement.
For some reason (and I look to the 11/17/75 natal chart for
clues) it is destined to erupt in periodical purges of
dissidents. Or rather, schisms by them, depending on who
initiates the action. I've heard that Bailey adherents were
the reason the Danish TS was expelled a few years back; is that
so? Anyhow, a model for reconciling the tensions occurred to
me last Saturday when Ed Abdill was speaking.

Astrologically, tense relationships include squares and
oppositions, while relaxed aspects are trines and sextiles.
The Baileyites and the Blavatskyites aren't opposed, but
squared IMO. They share about half of the same assumptions and
material, but look at that half from completely inharmonious
angles. Thus, intense conflict. A totally opposed viewpoint
would be like that of Marion Meade: superficial skepticism.

The Cayce material, OTOH, seems to "trine" Blavatskyan
Theosophy in that one can simultaneously hold both in mind
without feeling much tension. His trance methods make no claim
to contact the same source as HPB (unlike Bailey) so all the
parallels in their teachings are less threatening.

The point of this is that when two people or factions find
themselves miles apart on an issue, they have some control over
how much tension erupts. Ed and I more or less consciously
agreed (without previous discussion) to place ourselves at a
fairly wide distance in terms of outlook, but to also be
relaxed about it and promote a relaxed feeling among those
present about the existence of diverse views. This is
something like consciously making a trine of energies that
could have erupted into conflict if we'd approached the topic
from slightly different angles.

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