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Manas, planes, Be-ness

Sep 11, 1995 04:16 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> If Be-ness is out of all relation to manifested Being, how can it form the
> first plane? Perhaps this can be explained to me, for indeed I am a relative
> newcomer compared to many I'm sure. If I am confused, I should be set
> straight, rather than insulted, no? Insults won't help clear up my
> confusion, if such it is.

I have not followed all of this, but Kabalistically I would
perceive Be-ness as the first plane *per se* - it cannot *form*
itself. Be-ing is a condition of *existence* where, from the
Latin [I think] to ex-ist means to stand out (as in bas-relief,
analogously) from a background, in this case, the "ground of
Be-ness" which IS the "Eternal Now."

Confusing, sometimes, I agree .....

Alan :-)

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