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Re: What authenticates what we Believe?

Sep 11, 1995 05:51 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Arthur: Or perhaps some one would like to argue from
>personal experience. For instance Why is it important that the Masters
>exit? Because Blavatsky tells me so? Or do I believe in the Masters because
>it is a revered tradition with Tibet or other esoteric places? Are we
>capable of direct personal contact with the Masters, Emerson speaks of a
>direct relationship to Divinity or Higher Consciousness not dependant on
>second hand accounts. Lastly, is there a logical necessity to believe in
>the Masters?

Well, I tried to do it based on what I had read, THE YOGA SUTRAS OF
PATANJALI, but I was kind of glad to find The Theosophical Society because
it wasn't just me taking steps towards them. They had taken steps to find
me. So, there they were and we could just wait for the next step.


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