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The Manasic

Sep 10, 1995 11:23 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Rich:<You will not find the human principle "manas"
only on the "Manasic" cosmic plane or Globe "E" of
the earth, for example. Manas is a principle which
pierces up and down through all the planes, and has
an analogue in every one of the seven states of
consciousness, in every grade of matter, and in every
 Rich, you are starting to sound like Eldon
here, and I have trouble making sense out of either
one of you. As far as I am concerned, yes I will
find *human* manas only on the manasic plane. To
think otherwise is rediculous. "human manas" only
exists for us humans, and it is our thinking
principle or "human mind" - and it and all *human*
thoughts exist on the mental (manasic) plane, and
only on that plane. You are "confounding the planes"
and unless you can make sense out of this kind of
stuff, I won't and can't buy it (and neither should
anyone else). The "seven principles" exist on each
plane, but there is only one *human* manas that I
know of. I don't agree with Eldon on a lot of this,
but at least Eldon makes some sense of it.

BTW, HPB says in a footnote that the word noetic
"suggests no definite meaning" (you should read her
Psychic and Noetic Action, Rich). She prefers the
term "Manas (Mind)." In short, she equates "noetic"
with the human mind (although I think that she really
meant buddhi-manas) and "psychism" with kama manas.
This is exactly what Eldon has said. I have already
admitted to using the term "psychic" in its more
generally accepted sense of "human mind" or "mental"
or just plain manas. Many of today's problems with
theosophists in their interface with non-theosophists
lies in the antiquated theosophical termonology that
we, as theosophists, are stuck with. We must to be
able to see through each other's terminology or
semantics, in order to grasp what is actually being

 Jerry S.

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