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Sep 09, 1995 01:21 PM
by Geraldjs

Patrick:< I like to talk about this in terms of planes, the psychic being
from the etheric to the lower mental and the Noetic being from the higher
mental through the atmic above which is the Monad. Thoughts?>
 I am not sure what you mean here. Dion Fortune uses the terms
"upper mental" and "lower mental." Is she your source for this? Also, your
last statement that "the atmic above" is equal to the "Monad" is unclear to
me. Is monad with a capital M intended to be a name for God? I have never
come across anyone using the term Noetic as a way to describe the higher
cosmic planes. Usually the term "spiritual" suffices. When you say "upper
mental" do you mean causal? In any case, I think you are proposing that we
group the lower three planes as "psychic" with a little p, and the higher
four planes as "Noetic" with a captial N. Is this your proposal, or am I
missing something. The reason I ask, is that Qabalistic tradition divides
the planes into the lower four and the upper three with a big dividing line
between them called the Great Outer Abyss. HPB follows this tradition by
placing her 7 Globes on the lower four planes.
Hopefully you can describe your intentions in more detail, or make them a
little more clear to me. thank you,

 Jerry S.

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