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Re: Group souls or Individuality

Sep 09, 1995 09:09 AM
by Geraldjs

Eldon:<Another standpoint would suggest that the Masters are always at work,
and are not limited to that one chance of giving out Teachings to the
materialistic western world. We could say that the Masters themselves are the
primary source, and that any representative of theirs, authorized to
publically teach, is a primary source.>
 While I agree with you here, once again we can raise the question of
just how we can tell who is legitimite from who is not. Certainly the idea
of Masters, both embodied and disembodied, is of long-standing tradition in
the East. HPB used the term nirmanakaya for a disembodied Master (which is
not the Tibetan, or even the Mahayana, definition). I certainly agree with
the teaching, and when uplifting ideas or inspirational thoughts come to my
mind, I like to think that such a One is sending them out into the world for
our benefit (I suppose Daniel would say that they are proofs that Jesus
lives. To each his own).

 Jerry S.

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