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Re: Psychism

Sep 07, 1995 10:01 AM

Dear JRC,

I think in trying to say something to you that might be of
help, I've gone in way over my depth, for the simple reason
that I myself am not psychic, & that I've only experienced the
very fringes of what you describe, & sometimes I've only heard
mention. So I'll try to be a little more circumspect from here
on in, so as not to becloud the issue.

I was trying to remember why Serge told us to harmonize the
person & fill them with peace, or what Jerry S. does use
compassion, rather than throw a protective white light around
them. It was something like if you're protecting them from
something, you've got to keep making the protection stronger &
stronger for it to work. Also, being afraid of something is not
the way to avoid it.

In conjunction with this, and as far as your statement with
resonant vibes in & outside of a person is concerned, the 2
shamans I've had contact with, Harry VG and Serge K., are
(were) both completely loving people, & that love for everyone
makes (made) them not afraid of anything. They are (were)
completely fearless, as far as I could tell. You can, for
instance, notice it in the way Serge walks. It wasn't only
because he'd been a Marine. Maybe their wives know their
flaws. They must have some, being human, but they weren't
apparent in the loving & being fearless department..

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