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Daniel on Reincarnation

Sep 07, 1995 07:03 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

At 7:03 PM 9/7/95, wrote:
>Eldon you wrote that we choose to come into
>Our pre-incarnate life causes a choice or chance to
>become earth-bound. You also said that this was
>a Christian teaching.

There are Christians who have suggested reincarnation although is hasn't
been a primary belief. There are actually two understandings in Scripture
concerning afterlife actual three if you consider the Hebrew Covenant. One
view holds that we are immortal and have an intrinsic existence after
death. Another suggestion is that we are resurrected after death when the
end of the age comes. The early hebrew did not believe in afterlife at all
except in the collective tribal sense. There is an evolution of the

The doctrine of reincarnation was accepted by Alexandrian Christians who
were trying to synthesize Scripture with Platonic thought.

>First why did I choose to enter into the conception
>of a man and a woman named Molly & Deke?

I ask that question too Daniel. My mom and dad were not the greatest , my
dad whom I loved dearly died when he was 39 and my mom was not at all the
sort of person I could get along with very well. She was fairly abusive.
But the idea of reincarnation inspires me to think that I am experiencing
these parents because who they are could teach me the lessons I have to
learn in this life time. I think it is a parallel to the idea of

>Why did I not choose to be the child of Bill & Hillary?

Because you are a republican? :)
>Why would anyone choose to be the child that is born
>addicted to cocaine or born into a society that does
>not want me like China as a baby girl.

because comfort is not the souls greatest value

>I assume you also believe that my spirit is genderless,
>so now DNA determines what type of human I would
>be. It is evident in all societies that boys are more
>rough and girls more observant. So does DNA, my parents,
>society etc...form who I really am?

No you probably have a source beyond human factors in the Unity that is
manifesting itself in creation.

>As to Chistian teachings...
>It is clear that God knew us before we were born. It is also
>clear in biblical teachings that we were not formed until
>we were in the womb.
> Jeremiah 1:
>is a good example.

This assumes a personal conception of God. Which not all here share but I
do not rule out at all. I am working on the assumption that God is both
personal and impersonal like light is a wave and a particle.

>Paul taught "It is given unto man Once to die and then judgement".
>There is no room here for second chances.

If you want to explore CS Lewis I think he hold out the possiblitity of
second chance as does John Stott and English Evangelical. I am not as
consumed with the idea of life after death. I am more absorbed in life
before death some people never get to realize the wonder of life what I
mean is that they never get to experience the joy of grace and union with
all that is.

No reincarnation.
>The Gospel of Thomas "Gnostic" tried to arouse reincarnation
>and rightfully was not included in canon.

The gospel of Thomas is interesting reading.

Daniel Thanks for addressing the issues I really do appreciate this post.


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