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Re: Scholars

Sep 06, 1995 11:59 PM
by Lewis Lucas

Alan wrote:
> ... it is important, nay,
> essential, for the theosophical movement in *all* its
> diversities to bring forth its own scholars, using the scholarly
> disciplines that would be required in the university colleges.
 I can see your point, that for theosophy to gain more
acceptance and credibility it would seem it could benefit from
the work of scholars in theosophy, but this reminds me of a
Mahatma letter to Sinnet in which they tell him they were not
interested in establishing a school for western intellectuals, that
they had not broken the silence of centuries for the benefit of a few
western european scholars. They were interested in reaching the
 Are you familiar with this reference? I wonder what your take on
it is. To be more specific, how do we balance (us Librians are always
seeking balance) the need for scholarly research with the challenge
of making theosophy more available to the masses?

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