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Re: Former Christian

Sep 06, 1995 08:30 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

I don't think it's time to ask Daniel to leave the group. The proximity
of somebody thinking very differently from ourselves is a challenge to
try and find common truth under the outwardly different words and
concepts, hard as it might be, in the midst of the cut and thrust of

> No one here has honestly and openly investigated the validity
> of the New and Old Testament. And if you had, your rose colored
> glasses caused you to be blinded from the obvious.
These two assertions are a bit rash. I have long had, and still have, a
strong interest in evidence regarding the validity of the NT and OT,
though do not have the circumstances to have been a biblical scholar.
Theosophy has deepened my appreciation and understanding of these
scriptures, as well as those of other traditions. And when I say
appreciation, I'm not just talking about some warm fuzzy glow.

> The JOY of the Lord is my strength. Where does your joy come from?

The same source. I just call it different names, from time to time.
I believe there is only one source of real joy.

> Another challenge...try for a moment...a season to look at everything as if
> the Lord's hand was directly placed apon it. Look at the its
> beauty as a work of the Holy one. Look at your children as a gift from God.

Sounds very like something I do myself, often.

> For a moment slide the mystical and the spooky natural aside.
Theosophy helps you to realise that non-physical things, which I gather
you're referring to by "spooky natural" are as much part of nature as
physical things. All are parts of the whole, from the One Source.

> Simply open your eyes to the wonderous creation. Can you look apon the
> sunset or a heart felt smile without recognizing the Holy One?

I can look upon the sunset or a heartfelt smile and recognise the Holy
One. This idea is found in other cultures, too.

> If theosophy is interested in truth...
> Then what do you do as a Theosophist, or an athesist, or deist
> with the likes of one that declared "I am the Truth..." or declared
> that you are either "For me or against me".
I wonder how Daniel would explain how a person could say "I am the
Truth?" It seems a strange admission of mysticism into the supposedly
mysticism-free zone of evangelicism. Theosophy gives you a framework that
helps you to understand such a thing.

One of the meanings of "For me or against me" is, to my mind, that we can
choose to align ourselves with truth and the divine will, or against it.
An area well elaborated on in theosophy whick comes out resoundingly on
the side of being FOR, not against.

> interpretation etc...then it is impossible to come to any other conclusion
> other than
> the Bible is inspired or it is a joke.
I certainly think the Bible is inspired, as are certain other scriptures
in the world. A wise parent would know what kind of food to offer their
children to suit their age and dietary needs - an analogy that can
help you to be more comfortable with the idea of the validity of other
scriptures and religions.

Mind, I'm not saying that everything about every religion is wonderful
and true. They have all suffered distortions and gathered barnacles.

Culture-centric religious views, rigidly held, have been a principal
cause of wars and violence down through history. It is time to let
territorial exclusivity slip behind us into the past, as humanity moves
through its collective adolescence.

When we realise more fully that much of the evil we see in others is
projected from within, we might become a less destructive life form.

Murray Stentiford

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