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Sep 06, 1995 05:43 PM
by dhedrick

Eldon you wrote that we choose to come into

Our pre-incarnate life causes a choice or chance to
become earth-bound. You also said that this was
a Christian teaching.

First why did I choose to enter into the conception
of a man and a woman named Molly & Deke?

Why did I not choose to be the child of Bill & Hillary?

Why would anyone choose to be the child that is born
addicted to cocaine or born into a society that does
not want me like China as a baby girl.

I assume you also believe that my spirit is genderless,
so now DNA determines what type of human I would
be. It is evident in all societies that boys are more
rough and girls more observant. So does DNA, my parents,
society etc...form who I really am?

What happens if the likes of Einstein's spirit gets placed in
a deaf mute in a third world country? We and Einstein
have to wait for round two, or three...?

As to Chistian teachings...
It is clear that God knew us before we were born. It is also
clear in biblical teachings that we were not formed until
we were in the womb.
 Jeremiah 1:
is a good example.

Paul taught "It is given unto man Once to die and then judgement".
There is no room here for second chances. No reincarnation.
The Gospel of Thomas "Gnostic" tried to arouse reincarnation
and rightfully was not included in canon.


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