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Sep 05, 1995 11:50 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Daniel's method of speaking regarding spiritual truths is a method that has
developed over the years following the life of Christ. It's useful in a
setting where we sit and listen, hang our head, pray, and maybe sing a
little. In other words, you are speaking very much like a man in the
ministry. I also think that you carry this ministry into your meetings with
people and that this is helpful to your psyche because you are able to feel
the unity and the spiritual life and in this way you acquire a sense of
helping and aiding in a great plan.

What theosophists are trying to develop is a method which incorporates the
lives and teachings of our eastern brothers. Too many people were taking
what men from the east said and twisting it to suit their own needs, often
times misinterpreting and perverting a very beautiful and spiritual message.
The symbols used in the east are grand and beloved in their own right. If we
can't communicate successfully with the eastern world, how can we hope to
continue existence peacefully and without grave error?

By calling for an assembly of all traditions which have aided people in
overcoming their difficulties and helped them to travel freely upon the
planet, we are working toward the ideal of brotherhood. I agree that you
have a message that is very well accepted in the U.S. and perhaps you are
wondering why we haven't also been drawn to speak this noble tongue to those
whom we meet in daily living.

To every time there is a season...

What we wish to do is keep a peaceful, healthy planet and are calling for
all earthly inhabitants to participate in this goal. We're not asking them
to leave their heritage and come into ours. We only wish to find our common
source and you are invited to participate in this as you are able.

I enjoy your messages but don't wish the other members of our group to lose
faith in our goals as an international organization. We can't just simply
ignore the contributions of an eastern world or "save ourselves from
damnation" by becoming so self-assured that there is only one truth.

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