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Re: Former Christian

Sep 05, 1995 07:08 PM
by dhedrick

>Dear Daniel--
>Are you on this list for any reason related to genuine interest
>in Theosophy? If not, could you spare us the evangelism? It
>is a waste of your time and ours, IMO, although some polite
>Theosophists will argue politely with you until doomsday if you
>like. But what's the point?

The point is simple.

If theosophy is interested in truth...
Then what do you do as a Theosophist, or an athesist, or deist
with the likes of one that declared "I am the Truth..." or declared
that you are either "For me or against me".

If the Truth reveals that such separatism is invalid then there
is no can carry on with your individualistic
approach to spiritism with the help of the masters.

However, if Christ's teachings are valid then individual
interpretation of the spiritual are nothing but stumbling
blocks to true maturity if the Light has already been
established and the Road to Enlightment ushered by the
only Master that can keep you on the straight and narrow.

By what authority or foundation can you declare the Master's
teaching invalid?

Glad to exasperate.


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