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Re: Arguments of ...

Sep 05, 1995 00:13 AM
by dhedrick

I have been thinking about Theos all weekend...


The bible says that we are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and
the word of our testimony.

So I must testify.

First....I have four children and a godly wife. I have a Systems Engineer
position that brings home the bacon. I attempt to keep versed in many
areas of knowledge...for me it is primarily...dealing with the occults or
christian like religions.

The point is what is it that separates us or makes us different besides the
fact that we live in different in states/continents?

The JOY of the Lord is my strength. Where does your joy come from?

Have you ever taken any drugs? Well you realize the effect...because the
reactions to the drugs your body goes through is opposite to normal
reactions. The change is real. Without the drug there would be no change.

Can I see God?
I cannot see the wind....but I can see where it has been.
Can I hear God?
Can I touch God?

The answer to all of these is yes.

I have hundreds of examples that testify to the Power of God in the lives of
those around which the Lord has allowed me to experience and in my life too.

Can I hear God?---I was on an airplane to Colorado...sitting next to a young
girl. We were chatting about nothing. I kept on hearing in the place that
you know that you know you know. A quiet voice. "Tell her that she needs to
hold the things of God as precious as a one carot diamond." I heard this
for a while. I was running on doubt..about the origin of this message, But
it I reached out in faith and told the girl. I was not
forceful...I merely explained that I believe that the Lord of Heaven has a
message for you through me.

She cried...a lot...I mean a lot...
I thought that I had hurt her feelings or I don't know what.
But in a discussion that followed she explained her reaction.

She said that Her Mom and Dad just got divorced, and that her Dad gave her
the wedding ring. What do you think the wedding ring was? A one carot
diamond! She also stated that she was so busy with school that she felt
divorced from God. She too was a christian.

In the one statement (the message from God) I was a tool of which grabbed
her heart.

Where does your Joy come from? Even in darkness and despair.

I challenge you. God created us...without his presence in our life there is
no true peace...true love...true joy. If this is true then even after you
get the Wife, the kids, the house, the dollars, the career, the sporting
trophies, the vacation or receive
wisdom and enlightenment for theos-l...there will still be emptiness.

I love the life God has provided...but without acknowledging his divine
actions in my life...I would not enjoy the blessings of this world as much
as I do. I would come to expect them...and most likely neglect them. The
more I am reminded about God's interactions in my life...the more I am
reaffirmed about his power and desire to use me and mine.

I have cast out devils...healed the sick...delivered men & women out of
darkness...etc. But not by my strength. (I do not have the drugs to an anology) There is but one divine physician. I am a tool. To be
used for His glory.

Another challenge...try for a moment...a season to look at everything as if
the Lord's hand was directly placed apon it. Look at the its
beauty as a work of the Holy one. Look at your children as a gift from God.

For a moment slide the mystical and the spooky natural aside.

Simply open your eyes to the wonderous creation. Can you look apon the sunset
or a heart felt smile without recognizing the Holy One?

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and
Godhead, so that they are without excuse.

Evangelical Polemist

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