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Have to say good-bye

Sep 04, 1995 11:32 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Jerry Hejka-Ekins:
>However, inconsistencies between the primary and secondary
>literature has created frustrations for me, because many people
>are reluctant to accept that such inconsistencies exist. . .
>When we begin talking about the seven principles, I have to explain
>that HPB's "astral body" is not what CWL means by "astral body."
>that HPB's "Linga Sarira" is different from CWL's "Etheric body",
>that the "Causal body" is not a principle per se in HPB's
>schemas...and the eyes begin to glaze over. It makes me want to
>beat my head against a wall.

I've tried to reconcile Edgar Cayce, Kriya yoga and Alice Bailey over a period
of more than 20 years. I must confess that I found HPB too difficult to read
and thought the Bailey material most suitable for myself. It is only in the
last few years that I've attempted some of HPB's material, directly. I never
owned the Secret Doctrine until this summer.

As a sidebar to this, I am in working with a Gnostic Bishop at this time. I
speak in Bailey terminology and he responds in gnostic. We try to meet
somewhere in the middle and are learning from each other.

With this post, I bid the list adieu, but hopefully, not forever. My TS study
group is starting up again after a summer vacation. There are also fall
lectures and workshops on the horizon, not to mention various other activities.
I'll get back when it slows down or I catch up, whichever comes first!

Blessings to all,

- ann

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