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Re: Group souls

Sep 04, 1995 06:49 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>For the sake of clarity someone ought to define group soul. The
>concept is that the lower animals have a group soul together.
>As they become more & more evolved, less individuals share 1
>group soul. When you get to human beings, individuation has
>taken place & each human being has an individual soul.

There are a few different descriptions possible. One is the one found
in the Besant/Leadbeater teachings, in such textbooks as that by
Jinarajadasa. Another is to consider animal collectives (like beehives)
and try to understand how they work. A third is to study group and
national karma. Whatever approach we take, we should make sure that
it is consistent with the other Teachings of Theosophy, like the
eternal nature of the Monad.

-- Eldon

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