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Re: Group souls or Individuality

Sep 03, 1995 09:59 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I've come to the conclusion that this idea of "Source Teachings" is wrong
>and I don't really know where it started, but it may become the cause of
>lots of dissension. You want to include certain writings within a select
>group and by doing so you include certain people in a select group and leave
>others out.

We've all tried the same, as children, where we sit in a circle, and take
turns wispering a message to the child next to us. By the time that the
message makes its way around the complete circle, there is nothing
intelligble left of the original message. This happens when we have
and changes on top of other interpretations and changes, on top of still more.
Eventually the original message is lost. If there is value to people in
hearing this message, then it should be preserved in its original form for
people to consider.

>Who is more qualified to give a lesson in humility than C.W.L.? I don't
>know where anyone's writings can compare with his on such simple practical
>lessons and advice. Isn't it beneficial to have someone prepare us for what
>lies ahead?

Examples of moral qualities like humility are useful, but different that
the issue of preserving the Teachings.

>If only enough people would practice humility we wouldn't even have a need
>to maintain the aloofness of some writers over others. The beauty and
>urgency of theosophy is in its wholeness. A fair many authors have given
>their points of view in books and they have my thanks and awe at times for
>planting their feet so firmly on the path as to let no one shake them off.
>We can't shake off our fellow travellers on the path by denoting some
>writings as core or source. They're still there. They have a place right
>there in front of you, closer and more familiar to the teachers and the

No writer intentionally is aloof. That is perhaps a perception of the
writers that arises when we feel critisized by something that may be said.

>I feel as if there are people who are trying to cut ahead in line. If these
>people don't deserve our love and affection and even a commitment of one's
>life and work, then what will happen when the next generation finds us? I
>hate to think of it.

Each generation is expected to carry the torch, and not let it die out.

>In theosophy, I find wholeness. A fresh point of view is welcome here. It
>was meant to be a meeting ground of all "spiritual" points of view. Please
>don't try to cut out others or their ideas or inventions. It's stimulation
>por favour. I'm THEIR follower. I can't measure up to them even, let alone
>seem to meet and know Kuthumi or Morya. If humility were not essential in
>living and not encouraged, we'd probably be taking the hard knocks by being
>beat on the head by the likes of Paul Johnson. (It still bewilders me how he
>ever managed to do what he did. Paul, you're the greatest.)

I'd agree that the approach should be one of presenting the best of what
we have to offer, rather than playing policeman and blasting the authors
and writings that we disagree with.

-- Eldon

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