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Re: To Paul & Eldon

Sep 03, 1995 09:38 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>>With ARE we have a simpler framework for study. We're digging through
>>massive files of information on a seer's materials.

>As opposesd to TS, whose membership has so much more to fight over and about.
>Since the ARE is primarily focussed on Edgar Cayce, they have little other
>material to wrangle over, except interpretation or applications of the

Granted, there can be fighting and bickering in any group.

>I was particularly disturbed about Eldon's and Paul's posts on the ARE.
>me for saying this, but it sounded like a couple of kids fighting over
whose dog
>was the shiniest.

I don't think that was our intend in what we wrote. I've said a number of times
that there is no attempt to claim that the theosophical approach is an exclusive
one to the spritual Path.

Any description that I've made regarding ARE and Cayce is regarding the
differences in what appears to be going on.

>As to the issue of "who or what" was coming through Edgar Cayce, I'd suggest
>that that one apply that critical attitude to anyone one reads or listens to.
>That includes Purucker, HPB, CWL, Alice Bailey, DK, Roerich, Besant, MacLaine,
>Chopra or any other heavenly mouthpiece for the truth. The essence that is
>conveyed to you and what it symbolizes and works on in your life is what
>Either it works or it doesn't.

Agreed. With Cayce, though, the conscious man was completely unrelated to what
came through. I don't think he ever could, while awake, understand and arrive
at the same materials? We can speculate as to who or what was speaking through
his entranced body. In the final analysis, we are left with the accuracy of
his materials. Many dealt with questions or problems that specific people were
having. He did not organized his materials in a specific body of teaching, and
act as Guru to anyone.

What works in one's life, I'd agree, is important. If it is possible to become
spiritually self-sufficient, to become in touch with one's inner spiritual
teacher and become a creative force in the world for the good, the noble, the
highest in life, and one learned to do so from exposure to Cayce's readings,
that's just great!

>Every endeavour on the physical plane is subject to human frailty and error.
>Not to mention the problems of those who try to carry the torch after the death
>of the founder or speaker. If something valueable filters down and one can use
>it, fine. If we find some mistakes or even that it was their imaginings, then
>we are the wiser for it. We have begun to grapple with illusion.


-- Eldon

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