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copies of books

Sep 03, 1995 06:02 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


RT> I want to find an original copy of MAN: HOW WHENCE WHITHER
> (or whatever the title is) and read it cover to cover. Maybe
>Jerry H-E has one I can photocopy, apparently it can't be bought

 I get copies of early Leadbeater books in for sale from time
to time, and I will let you know the next time I find an early
edition of ~Man Whence How and Whither.~
 If you are interested in photocopies, we also have multiple
editions of all of CWL's writings in the library.
 The library and archives are open for the use of any
researcher regardless of theosophical affiliation or none. The
library houses about twelve thousand volumes of theosophical and
related literature. The archives contain perhaps 50,000
unpublished documents concerning the modern theosophical
movement. The collection has historical documents shedding light
on ULT, Adyar, Pasadena, and the Hargrove TS's. We are located
about 90 minutes from San Francisco.
 For copying requests, we charge five cents per copy plus

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
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