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Re: Story of Deconversion: Confession from the Snake Pit

Sep 02, 1995 02:08 PM
by Bee Brown

> Thank you for sharing that. It made me appreciate once again how
>fortunate I have been in my own process of self discovery. HPB
>lamented that so many set sail on the ocean of occultism without the
>benefit of compass, rudder or sail!
> I came to theosophy at an early age and almost immediately (Paul,
>Cayce's life story began my journey). But many times since, as a
>member of the St. Petersburg lodge in Florida, I met people like
>yourself who had spent their whole life searching thru various 'isms
>and 'osophies and marveled at my good fortune.
> Within the "new age" movement there are those who are, as Bing
>Escudero once expressed it to me, caught up in the "guru go-round."
>I think it was HPB who said she preferred a good sceptic to someone
>who was so guilable that they would follow anyone anywhere, like so
>many flies into the boiling milk.
I also thank you for sharing your experience with us. Here in NZ we are
inclined to the conservative side of life and many times the "new age"
movement is the only place many people know about other that the
Spiritualist Church. I have been asked often if Theosophy is some weird
religion so that, in itself, precludes sincere, non-intellectual searchers
from being interested even though I do my best to explain what we really
are. That is still too intellectual for many. I have been involved with
these groups as a side interest and even found I could channel some sort of
energy that did have sensible things to say. Most of the groups were about
giving each other 'warm fuzzies' and acting as support for just those who
were having psychic problems. I myself, have a Theosophical bookshelf and a
"new age" bookshelf and they really do not meet very often. I have
facilitated a channelling group in my home for a couple of years now and it
is interesting to watch which book shelf they go to. I have mildly tried to
point to the Theosophical shelf but the reaction was that they looked to
hard to read. So to my mind the other book shelf is better than no reading.
We need to be careful that we don't turn our noses up at all the "new age"
as there are many potential Theosophist there if given a chance to develop
their ideas in a suportive environment. I realise that there is some that
could be considered 'over the top' but I think the famous 'discrimination'
is what is required. We still have the right to refuse entry of certain
persons who may just be disruptive. We have learned this lesson the hard way
here and it is costing the HQ a lot of money in legal fees.
Greetings. Bee>

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