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Re: Liesel's Angels

Sep 01, 1995 09:42 PM


I've been browsing around in my books about angels. Annie
Besant too uses the words angels & elementals interchangeably.
Both Jinarajadasa & Hodson consider them another form of
evolution parallel to the human one. Hodson's whole book
describes how humans & angels can cooperate. To me the whole
book is an inspiration.

For those of you who aren't turned off by invocations &
prayers, here's one of Hodson's I think is beautiful:

"Evening Hymns of Prayer & Thanksgiving

"May blessings from above
Flow forth and beautify the human love
Which we in gratitude pour forth
To you, our angel helpers of this day.
Accept our love and grateful prayers
And help us, so to live and work,
That ever, day by day,
Your hosts shall find us growing
Akin to you.

We crave this night your guardianship for all,
Be with the young, the aged, and the sick;
Surround their beds with wings of light and peace,
Cherish them, we pray, until the dawn.
And, as the sun once more returns
To give us life and warmth and light,
Let us again prelude our work
With salutation and with praise
To Him Who is the FAther of us all;
That hand in hand and side by side,
His human and His angel sons
May labour in His Name
To bring about the gorious day
When, in our world and theirs,
His Will alone shall reign.


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