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Re: re:theosophy historical & doctrinal

Sep 01, 1995 04:33 PM
by Richtay

Ann: "This is also true of Yogananda's book. There was editing done on it
by the Self-Realization Fellowship, after he died, to make it fit their
ideas. Old originals of Biography of a Yoga are highly prized."

That BURNS MY BUTT and is very, very disturbing to me. What gives people the
right to edit without documentation? This strikes me as one of the most
arrogant things one can do, because they place themselves HIGHER than the
teacher or author, and presume to "correct" their work.

I wish we could leave published works alone, let them stand the test of time
on their own. HPB is holding up admirably. If people have a burning need to
tinker with words, let them write their own books and see how well THOSE hold
up a century or two later!


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