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Re Eldon's Direct vs Indirect

Sep 01, 1995 12:36 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<Whichever way we look at Purucker -- as scholar or
Teacher -- we still have the source of his information as
being *taught*, as coming either directly or indirectly from
the knowledge of the Mahatmas. This is entirely different
that information obtained from out-of-the-body experiences,
from dreams and visions, from personal psychic and
clairvoyant experiences.>

I look at him as both scholar and Teacher. Actually, his
role as scholar possibly went a little too far - he always
used the scholarly term "karman" for example, when no one
else would add the final n. As far as I know, he is the
only writer/translator to do this, then or since.

Are you saying here that the Masters (KH?) physically
came to him at Point Loma and taught him what to say?
This is certainly implied in your "directly" while I
am at a loss to explain your "indirectly." Just how does
one get special secret knowledge from Mahatmas "indirectly"
except via what today we would call channeling? Would
you please explain how this is "entirely different" from
psychism? It would seem to me that any new idea G de P,
or anyone else, has given out was done so via their
"personal psychic and clairvoyant experiences." Except
for physical contact or physical letters, it simply has
to be through psychism. Even if the Mahatmas approached me
in their subtle body, I would need to be a bit clairvoyant
to see them and hear them.

Jerry S.

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