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Objective Reality?

Sep 01, 1995 11:05 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Alan,
> All this talk about Truth & objective reality reminds me of a
> puzzle I have as yet not solved for myself. Maybe you can shed
> some light on it for me. Theosophists are forever talking about
> Reality, & with it they mean the reality that comes when one is
> centered in the spirit rather than in the lower personality.
> I'm at a loss to reconcile this with that I believe - that
> reality is relative. To me, whatever & however you happen to
> perceive, that's your reality for that moment. I can accept
> that as you grow more & more spiritual your perception of the
> world (whatever that encompasses) changes into something which
> contains more wisdom, detachment, compassion & etc. The
> perception becomes more mature & more at one with the All. But
> it's still a subjective reality. Devachan is subjective. Do you
> know an answer to this one? Does anybody?

I think you have given the answer above! All of our experience
is necessairly subjective *intrepretative*. If there is an
"objective reality" we cannot possible experience it AS IT
ACTUALLY IS, only as it appears to us, and then, only in part.
As Paul the Apostle said, "we see as in a mirror, darkly" - in
other words, a dirty mirror that needs cleaning. The work we do
within ourselves (which IMO is what theosophy should be helping
us to do if it is worth anything) is a way of trying to clean
the mirror, if you follow me. So, Dear Liesel, I think you
already have the answer, and have just stated it. So you have
no problem! :-)))))))


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