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Re: Psychic powers

Aug 31, 1995 11:48 PM
by Aprioripa

Dear Eldon,

 Thanks for your response.

<<It may sound repressive. While I've heard it taught as a general rule,
the application has to be decided on an individual basis.>>


<<The emergence of
psychic abilities is not necessarily a sign of spiritual unfoldment;
it may rather be a sign of regression.>>


<<I would not consider them a severe
danger, where I'd strongly advocate people avoiding them.>>

 I like the idea of simply keeping them in their proper place. I have
known many children who were very sensitive, some fully clairvoyant, and what
they need is clear understanding of what is going on rather than avoidance.

<<On the other hand,
they can be sufficient a distraction from the cultivation of the spiritual
that warnings are given.>>

 Yes, this truth should be made clear to all "seekers." The approach of
indifference and use of all faculties for good is the one I follow.

<<And with some approaches to the spiritual, like
Purucker has written, students are taught to deemphasize and turn away from

 Hmm, Yes, if one is new and full of glamours about psychism.

<<Granted, there are other approaches that may use the psychic in their

 I hope that I did not give the impression that I do this. All training
should be based on the development of the qualities of the heart and right
motivation in service, then any and all abilities follow with right timing.
 The focus on auras and etheric vision today is because it is so wide-spread
and, I believe, a recapitulatory evolutionary event, that the need for
clarity and right understanding is called for, not repression.

<<I'm speaking, though, from the particular theosophical school where
I find my home.>>



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