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Re: Angels

Aug 31, 1995 05:46 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>We call them Devas. Geoffrey Hodson wrote a whole book about
>"The Brotherhood of Angels & of Men". It gives the idea that to
>cooperate with the Devas brings out the best in a human being.
>Also, the Theosophical Publishing House sells a set of very
>beautiful Christmas cards. They depict various angels as Hodson
>saw them, & relayed to an artist friend who drew them.

I seem to recall that "Deva" is a Sanskrit term meaning "god".
In the source writings, Deva's might refer to Dhyani-Chohans
at times. The Besant/Leadbeater idea of the Devas (and Angels)
as a parallel line of evolution puts a use to the term "Deva"
that may conflict with how it is used in the source writings.
(I'm not here wanting to write pro or con that parallel line of
evolution idea, although I do disagree with it.) Apart from that
idea, if we substitute the term "Elemental" for "Deva", I'd
be happier with such books.

-- Eldon

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