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Re: angels

Aug 31, 1995 08:00 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Eldon,
> An angel according to KABBALAH FOR THE LAYMAN is a being who entirely exists
> within the right-hand side of the Sephirothal tree. The only function
> available to an angel is the use of the energy called "Desire to Impart."
> Whereas man is blessed to be Microcosm, so angels are blessed to participate
> in the radiance of light.
> Brenda

Who on earth wrote such a strange and unbalanced idea? Angels
are, by definition (Kabalist and otherwise) "messengers" - that
is what the word means. The Tree of Life in Kabala, like
earthly trees, has two sides - inside and outside. The idea of
a "right-hand" side is a human convenience to help us understand
the Kabalist Wisdom Tradition, and has no actual location
whatever, other than a symbolic association of ideas in human
minds, all of which will change when we go on to become angels
ourselves [so we are told in the tradition]. In 39 years as a
student of Kabala, I have never come across such a daft idea.

No offence, Brenda - just trying to set the record (IMO) straight.


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