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Tolerance and a healthy aura

Aug 31, 1995 03:08 AM
by Aprioripa

 The idea has come up of having discussion on esoteric psychology about
how sarcasm and a critical attitude can lead to etheric/aura problems and can
also make one unable to see truth clearly. In discussions about issues it is
healthiest (both etherically and on the brain chemistry) to be impersonal and
kind while still saying the principle of what one believes/knows. Also, if
the astral/emotional nature becomes agitated or the concrete mind becomes
sarcastic and negatively critical then the flow of energy from the higher
mind is distorted and one is unable to perceive truth clearly.
 Profanity, sarcasm, personal criticism, etc cause tears in one's aura
and may also do so in the aura of the person to whom they are directed (if
they accept them or are so sensitive at the time). Such things are the
equivalent of jabbing with a knife and bring the appropriate karma. Kindness
with strength of principle is the healthiest way.


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