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Re: Theos-l: An Incendiary Fellowship?

Aug 31, 1995 00:57 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>And I will not keep my voice down since keeping our voices up is what this
>list is about. <
>Hear hear! We don't need Mommies on this list. It would be nice though to
>keep having rip-roaring discussions, I learn stuff every day here. (Some of
>it is very sad, tragic stuff but learning nonetheless.)

I'd agree that we should not hold back from important discussions because
of fear that there are some among us that would not like what we say. And
we can get intense! But again, what feelings course through our veins, and
what motivations are we acting from, as we excitedly rush to get out our
postings? The discussions are not merely intellectual, there is a spiritual
aspect to it as well, and wherever there's good, there can be bad as well!
There's always the chance of something dark, not consciously intended, but
coming from one's shadow (to use a Jungian term), that slips by, causing
unintended harm to others!

-- Eldon

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