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Re: Objectivity

Aug 30, 1995 11:52 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Self-preservation reaped survival and justice.
>If the assailant was within the bounds of Objective Morality, he
>would have been in bed with his wife.
>yet through dialog you can determine that there is no
>This is not theosophy this is Liberal Pudding.


We're trying to understand the world around us, but this doesn't help.

I don't know why Eldon is so philosophical and doesn't use enough examples.
He would probably prefer to live life entirely on the mental plane. But he
does help out with the organizational side of the theosophical movement when
he is able. He's been a very good husband and father and he makes friends
among his business associates. He has to think abstractly for his kind of
work which is the development of software.

When our "powers" evolve enough for each of us to use them to stop wars and
crime, we probably won't need to use them in that way because everyone else
will have the same interest in living morally that we do.

Maybe we're not very objective on the list, but we are discussing what we
read and a number of concepts which are bordering on your interests. Are
you reading any good books besides scripture? Today's modern world has lots
of paths which we can explore without too much danger. What kind of work do
you do? How old are you? You sound so mature and serious. Have you ever
joined a list like ours before and tried to promote "Jesus as the Way, the
Truth, and the Life?" Were you successful?


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