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Re: angels

Aug 30, 1995 06:00 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>An angel according to KABBALAH FOR THE LAYMAN is a being who entirely exists
>within the right-hand side of the Sephirothal tree. <
>This book sounds nice, but has it suddenly become the Bible? Have we
>converted to Judaism, or do we just like the book of the week a whole lot?

What we have here is something that we may all tend to do at times, and
not catch ourselves. Theosophy was presented with a borrowed terminology.
It's easy to assume that the borrowed terms have the same meaing that they
do where they came from. This is not always the case. If we take some
Buddhist term in a theosophical book, for instance, we may not get a correct
theosophical understanding of it if we were to read about that term in
a Buddhist text. The same may be true of the term "angel," which may have
been given a different meaning in the Besant/Leadbeater school, than the
term goes by in popular thought.

-- Eldon

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