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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 30, 1995 01:52 PM
by Richtay

>I learned about the 7 rays from Ernest Wood who wrote an entire book about
it. I don't think he followed Alice Bailey, he was dyed in the wool Adyar.<

For many years, Alice Bailey was also died in the wool Adyar, and got her
teachings from the Esoteric Section stuff that Besant and Leadbeater put out.
 Besant and Leadbeater taught 7 rays, they gave out the chart on the
hierarchy, they taught about the etheric plane, they taught about solar and
cosmic stuff.

Alice Bailey was part of the E.S. and only got kicked out when she believed
she began to receive her OWN Mahatma letters. But in the Adyar society of
that time (and perhaps currently, I wouldn't know) you only received a
Mahatma letter when the head of the Esoteric Section SAID you received a
letter. So Bailey was kicked out, and continued to do her own thing.

But the teachings of Besant/Leadbeater are in almost every way identical to
the Bailey teachings, Bailey added very little to was she learned in the ES,
and that in itself raises questios whether she was ever in contact with a
Master, because she had so little that was really beyond Adyar stuff.

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