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Re: theosophy historical and doctrinal

Aug 29, 1995 12:05 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>I feel sorry for the Masters too, after all the effort and sacrifices and
>karma They took upon Themselves to give the little moles like us some light,
>and the first thing we do is turn around, ritualize and formalize everything,
>"expand" and "improve" willy-nilly, and then end up not even recognizing
>where we started from -- Them and Their teachings!

They may be disappointed, but I'd think that they weren't surprized. Human
nature does not change that fast. There certainly have been countless other
efforts over the past 18 million years to give humanity a push towards the
spiritual. After a period of time, the original Teachings will decay, blending
into popular thought, and losing much in the process. This is not necessarily
a bad thing in the since that whatever is useful will be picked up. What is
disappointing is that there is so much that is lost in the process! But from
the Master's point of view, I'd suspect that they'd feel like we might, when
giving a child something too advanced for its age: there was the hope that
the child might have been ready to progress, but at the same time the
recognition that the child must mature at its own rate.

The original Teachings are never lost, since they have been preserved by the
Masters, and continually retested and reproven by personal experience by them.
What fragments of those Teachings are appropriate to Western public thought
will take hold, the rest will dissappear from public sight. For those ready,
we've been told that when the right knock is given, the door will open, and
the Mysteries will be revealed. (That is, the way is always open for those
ready to learn more than is publically available.) Theosophy is never lost,
regardless of the final outcome of the theosophical movement in this century!

-- Eldon Tucker

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