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Re: game over?

Aug 28, 1995 10:36 AM
by Aprioripa

>I'd consider the source literature of Theosophy
>as a "gold mine" in this sense.

 Yea verily, all "gold" is included in Theosophy. There can be many
veins in the same gold mine -- and perhaps even gold transfered from other
mines to the same refinery (all can be fashioned the same).

>The reason that I think that it's important to look to the Teachings and
>perhaps to Teachers for a deep study of Theosophy

 Yes, this is best.

>is that we are in an
>age and on a plane of existence where external nature itself does not
>certain experiences.

 I'm not sure I follow you here, yes external nature is different than
what might be called "internal" nature (and this is an imperfect planet),
 but the inner would always be increasingly reflected in or become the outer
manifestation as evolutionary need arose.

>Internally we can hasten our evolution, perhaps by
>visiting the other globes on our planetary chain, and seeking embodiment on
>those globes (and their respective planes).

 Yes, also, I believe, that at present one of the greatest opportunities
for evolution for our humanity is here on this globe now. Individual
transfers can occur to be sure (for many reasons as far as I understand) but
the best evolutionary opportunty for each of us is where we are at the time
vis a vi relating in full consciousness as much of the inner and outer nature
as we can.

>Externally, the senses, our
>physical forms, and the social and cultural context that we find ourselves
>does not support it.

 As the "planet" moves to higher planes, then what is internal will
become seen by all -- but that does not preclude anyone from having the
internal experiences today. There is support for spiritual evolution in all
of manifestation. The sight of a flower can touch the heart, so to speak.

>Fifth Round consciousness and experiences won't be here
>until the Fifth Round actually happens. Until then, Fifth-Round type
>can only be *internally experienced.*

 It is possible for there to be overlapping in manifestation and as more
have the internal experience the closer the experience comes for all. Thus
we mine more and more gold.

 The scientist in me loves talking about nature and rounds.

Best regards,

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