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Re: Rich's new acquaintances

Aug 28, 1995 09:59 AM
by Aprioripa

>instance, we read in the Secret Doctrine that every planet in this solar
>system will go through seven rounds, as seven principles or aspects are
>developed. Bailey in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, indicates that Venus is in
>her "fifth and last round." This is not reducible to a difference of words,
>it is a flat contradiction in concepts.

 The word planet can mean several different things, depending upon the
context. Every Logos (as a Scheme?) must achieve the level of perfection
that is indicated by seven rounds, yes, but a level of liberation is attained
at each round and the idea of "last round" in this context is probably in
relation to a specific attainment and is not exclusive toward there being two
more rounds. There is no contradiction here. If you wish to suggest
contradictions could you please list page numbers.

>And so students, ultimately, have to choose what to do with this and the
>myriad other substantial contradictions.

 I read both and have found no contradictions (and I made perfect scores
on tests in logic class -- nanafoofoo).
 I believe our choice is one of cooperative goodwill.


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