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Re: On prayer

Aug 28, 1995 08:26 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>H.P. Blavatsky seems to be saying there is no prayer at all (worthy of the
>Theosophist) except that addressed to one's own higher nature. There is no
>point in praying to Christ or the Masters or the World-Soul or any other
>being, real or imagined.

In addition to Brenda Tucker's post: Prayer can have rather interesting uses.
In the LCC church, the angels collect the prayers of those gathered and use them
as material to build a temple or church on a higher level. In response, a great
outpouring of love and light is sent to the congregation and the surrounding
neighborhood during the consecration. If one is sensitive enough, one can feel
this happening.

Secondly, we may be confusing the issue of prayer with invocation, especially of
the Alice Bailey invocations. My understanding is that invocations, done
privately or publicly, with intensity and intent, can be used to bring down a
response from higher levels. These are usually not done to ask for a new car,
but for the good of all humanity. I'm sure Patrick, who seems to have this
stuff really down, could give a better definition.

- ann

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