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Eldon's suggestions for Theosphy Lodge Online

Aug 28, 1995 05:46 AM
by JK1Carp

Hello, Eldon - good to hear from you,

Eldon begins:
>Would you consider making placing a copy of your archives in the
>theos-l archives on Perhaps John Mead (
>could make a separate subdirectory, to keep the materials separate?

I took this suggestion to John Mead about a month ago and lost the thread -
either he didn't receive my last email or he hasn't had time to respond. I
just composed a letter to him in this regard...I'll post a notice to theos-l
as the thing develops.

Eldon continues:
>Also, if you make a log of the Wednesday night discussions, you could
>put those logs in the archives as well, for people to read over at
>their convenience.

The thing about real-time discussions is that they are more off the cuff -
some people are really good at that and others aren't - some might not want
their words immortalized having just dropped in to chat.

Eldon concludes:
>--- These are just a few off-the-wall suggestions that I'd thought
> that I would make, for whatever they are worth.

They are worth a lot: spreading the word is our raison d'etre; suggestions
are always welcome...

Warm regards,

Josh Carpenter
Theosophy Lodge Online

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