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Re: game over?

Aug 28, 1995 00:39 AM
by Aprioripa

>Then imagine what we are in danger of doing
>when we present our own ideas about Theosophy as being Theosophy itself,
>and not an opinion about Theosophy.

 IMHO, anything that is true is theosophy. My understanding of the
original intention of the Mahatmas in inspiring this idea was (and would
continue to be so today) to be inclusive of all of wisdom both pure and
manifest. For most of my life I looked for a word that would describe what I
felt and be inclusive of all of the path's to "God" and the idea of theosophy
is this. We can discuss/debate the truth of our opinions but the ideal of
theosophy, as taught by the Mahatma's, remains as truth inclusive.

Best Regards,

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