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Re: DO the masters exist?

Aug 27, 1995 11:33 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

rich: >Following these lines -- with Christian Alice Bailey, the teaching has
>apparently been lost.

At the Akbar Lodge in Chicago, both the Secret Doctrine, Mahatma Letters and
Alice Bailey have been used as discussion material in one meeting. I have had a
problem with this. The material seems to naturally flow together, probably
because those in charge, who are wiser and abler than I, have the ability to see
the common thread between them and can sort out that which is uncommon.

For many fundamental and orthodox Christians, calling the AB books "Christian"
would be grounds for them to gather the books up and burn them, with the event
televised on a Christian cable network. To them, this stuff is as far away from
their brand of Christianity as one can go. Perhaps you consider this "brand" of
Theosophy as being far away from what you would legally term "Theosophy". Some
of us on this mailing list may not.

- ann

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