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Re: On prayer

Aug 27, 1995 10:13 AM
by jrcecon

Rich ...

A very curious post on prayer ... one that strangely enough that
old "psychic" Leadbeater would prob'ly agree with completely (-:) ...
One of the more memorable quotes (to me) from him, in speaking of prayer,
was his mention (sorry, don't have a reference) was something like

"most prayers generally amount to something like `Dear God, please
make two plus two equal something other than four'".

Oh, yes, and speaking of prayer, while CWL as well as other early
Theosophists either did not pray or engage in too much ceremony (or at least
arrived at broader than normal notions of those things) ... they rarely
disparaged or spoke in demeaning tones of (for instance) those 6th or 7th
Ray souls for whom devotional prayer or ceremonial practice mean as much as
the pure wisdom of the 2nd ray meant to Koothoomi ... in fact both CWL and
AB wrote about the validity ... even necessity ... of different types of
souls travelling different paths towards the Absolute ... and in doing so
(if you don't mind my saying) ... those "psychics" showed themselves to be
rather more tolerant and broad minded towards paths different than their own
than you seem to. Perhaps in addition to the psychism there *was* something
that might be called ... "spiritual" within him? -JRC

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