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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 27, 1995 09:41 AM


I found your story about what happened in Boston very
interesting. During the times when Dora Kunz was our President,
Boston had a flourishing Lodge, well organized, with a great
book store & classes every day of the week. I'm not doubting
your story, you were there, but I personally think the demise
of the Boston Lodge was also due to the inept leadership we
then had in Wheaton. I know, for instance that early on in the
new administration Boston's funds from Wheaton were cut off. I
don't want to say much more because it still makes me angry,
and it's now long past, and should be forgotten. Incidentally,
I thought so little of the then Wheaton leadership, I decided
the demit to Canada. I didn't want my membership in the TS to
lapse. I'll be forever grateful to Stan Treloar, a Bailey man,
for allowing me membership in his group.

Other than that, I echo what Ann wrote in her 2 posts.


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