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Re: Do the Masters exist?

Aug 25, 1995 10:03 PM
by jrcecon

>Man, I am so confused! I signed on to Theos-L just last week and I feel like
>I am on another planet. I don't get all the "Christ" talk and "Son of God"
>stuff and Hierarchy and Plan and all that.
>Is any of this even distantly related to Theosophical teaching?

Most of what you speak of came from one person's interpretation of
a few concepts sometimes spoken of in Theosophical circles. If there *is*
any single Theosophical teaching, it is simply that people have the freedom
(and perhaps even the responsibility) to attempt to discover the truth for
themselves ... but that there may be some fundamental level of truth beneath
all the surface of religions, philosophies, and sciences. Stay on the list a
bit and you'll find it as common to see discussions of chaos & complexity
theory, esoteric psychology, several different religions, the place of the arts
in spiritual life etc., etc. as you are to hear about the "Son of God".

Welcome to the list ... and if you wish, perhaps you'd like to
say a few words about your particular approach to the world ... a particular
religious orientation? Scientific? Do you believe in any realm beyond that
presented through the physical senses? Do you pursue line of development?


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