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Re: More on karma

Aug 22, 1995 00:37 AM
by Aprioripa

<<Anyway, I
use the term chaos in its technical sense. The very fact that
events can be unpredictible implies the existence of free will
(if all future events were predictible, free will would go right
out the window).>>

My understanding is that there is a faculty of divinity of the Logos that
allows the future to be known while still having free will for all those
evolving. This is not a logical contradiction or chaos but a statement of
the existence of some capacity that is completely transcendent of human
consciousness. There is both freedom and the "Lord in heaven" knows the
times and seasons.

<<I prefer chaos because chaos is more basic - free will exists
only as a result of chaos (unpredictibility or as you say "blind
chance"). BTW, free will itself is karmic, because whatever we
freely or consciously choose will have karmic consequences.

Free will exists because of the nature of Logoic divinity and freedom of
choice exists because the keynote for human evolution is "experience promotes
growth." Through choosing we learn how to become conscious creators for
good. The karma of limitation but there are other realms of cause and

<<Liberation from collective karma is
only possible in the sense of a Buddha, one who enters
nirvana and is no longer here to help others.>>

Ah, but entering nirvana is a great help, as it raises the collective
vibration of the planetary personality.

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