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cats & ancestors

Aug 18, 1995 07:08 PM

Dear Ann,

I'm glad you're a cat lady too. My Chou chou is the joy of my


Dear Brenda,

My beliefs are diferent. Please don't mind if I tell you about
them. I think the 5th root race is developing "Mind", and that's
our present emphasis, which in the 6th will go to "intuition"
so-called. But I also believe that our past, present, & future
is always with us. We know about intuition & ESP, the wave of
the future, because some of us already have it, more or less
incipiently. I think we also carry our past with us. Just for
instance, I don't have enough hemoglobin. The way to work on
that is to take iron, something that's still part of me from the
mineral stage. I also eat red beets & spinach, both of which are
iron rich, those are vegetables with which my body is familiar, I
think because I was once at that stage. I'm more advanced now,
but my ancestry is still with me. So is my future. I try to
coordinate all these different elements which make up me. I try
to harmonize them so they can all work smoothly together. At
this point in time, I'm working mostly in "mind", and always on
"spirit". That's what I believe.


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