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Re: More on Astrology and Karma

Aug 18, 1995 07:43 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>Patrick: Actually with modern multivariate empirical techniques
it is not necessary to make specific predictions ahead of time.
Just place all the numbers of an astro chart with scores on the
MMPI together in a matrix and mathematics reveals the factors or
correlates which relate the two. In this empirical test the
behavior that is being measured is the MMPI pattern of answers --
this is then correlated with demographics. This type of
measurement does not rely on any personality theory (of which
there are many) but only on directly observed behavior.

Many years ago I tried a research project with a four-page,
legal-sized questionnaire with sections on physical attributes,
interests, lifestyle, etc. I obtained 140 to 150 useable replies
with birthdata, and ran various multivariate statistical
comparisons to all the astrological information. (stepwise
multiple regression, discriminant analysis, factor analysis,
etc.) With all the astrological variables of a birth chart as
candidates for predicting a considerable amount of information
about the subjects, I was unable to obtain any strong
relationships. The subject group were college students at the
University of California and the California State University, all
born in 1957.

The project was a graduate independent research project at UCSD;
it was overseen by a professor with experience in statistical
methodology. I was disappointed with the results, since with
various marketing-research studies I've seen strong correlations
emerge with apparently marginal data. I had been expecting to
see the same results with astrological variables, but I was led
to conclude that the information from an astrological chart is
not useful in a traditional statistical sense. Perhaps the
charts primarily function as an aid to the intuition of the
astrologer, much like the toss of the I Ching? Perhaps the
insights that the astrologer arrives at are due to the *process*
of interpreting a chart, rather than due to the actual aspects,
planetary positions, etc. that are contained in it?

-- Eldon Tucker

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