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Aug 16, 1995 06:01 PM

To Gerry Schueler

Concerning karma & reincarnation, I don't understand how another
law working in tandem with causality can be acausal. I'd like to
know your reasoning. I can't see that being chaotic &
unpredictable, is a reason to be acausal. I don't understand how
anything can happen without something first setting it in motion,
no matter how obscure. There seems to be movement even in
Pralaya. "The causes of existence had been done away with; the
visible that was, and the invisible that is, rested in eternal
non-being - the one being." (sounds like a black hole?) You're
saying that things other than karma can set happenings in motion.
I don't know what they are, so I'd appreciate it, if you went
into a little more detail, so I can understand what it is you're

Please also explain to me what synchronicity means.

Dear Brenda,

I don't agree with you that the consciousness of animals is
unrecognizably different from ours. I base my view mainly on my
having now lived for 12 years in close proximity to a cat. She
works on a more primitive plane, but it must be similar to mine,
because I've learned to recognize the signals. Coming for a
little pat means" I love you" (which is rather synonymous with
"I'm hungry". Rubbing noses like an Eskimo is just plain "I love
you".When she nips, it means "I'm scared". When she shakes her
front paw it means "I don't like that". When she sits by the
front door gazing at me solefully, it means "I want to go for a
little walk".

I'm plagued with little ants just now & have set up some traps
around where I eat. (I'm mean) The other day, I watched one ant
struggling not to succumb to the poison, being helped by 3 other
ants who were trying to get her back on her feet.

Serge King teaches that we can learn how to act for
ourselves from observing animals, & empathising with them.
They're not that much "other".

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