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Re: Astrology References

Aug 15, 1995 06:20 PM
by Aprioripa

Thank you for sending the references on Gauquelin's work. (K. Paul Johnson):

>The gist of his most solid, replicated findings is that the
positions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon at birth tend to
correlate to vocational choices: sports and military people tend
to have Mars near the ascendant or midheaven, while political or
business types have Saturn there, writers have the Moon, and I
don't recall the Jupiter correlation. I was struck by this since
my Moon is exactly at the midheaven and when I met MG I was an
aspiring writer.

In working on the theory of relationships article (and coming to
the conclusions therein) I looked over the research that had been
published in accepted psychological science journals.

Gauquelin, Michel; Gauquelin, Francoise; Eysenck, Sybil B.

Personality & Individual Differences

1981 Vol 2(4) 346-350

"Personality descriptions of 500 successful American
professionals were compiled from their biographies. The precise
birth times, dates, and locations of the Ss were obtained; and
the precise positions of the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
were calculated for each S. A correlation between H. J.
Eysenck's (1967) personality dimensions and the position of the
planets at birth was found. Extraverts were significantly more
frequently born when Mars and Jupiter had just risen or just
passed their upper culmination; introverts when Saturn had just
risen or had just passed their upper culmination. Mars and
Jupiter appear to be also associated with Psychoticism and Saturn
associated with Nonpsychoticism. "

British Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology

1979 Feb Vol 18(1) 71-75

"The precise birth dates and locations and personality
descriptions of several thousand famous French scientists,
sportsmen, and actors were ascertained from their
biographies.  From the data relating to birth times and locations,
the positions of the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were
calculated for each person, with particular attention being paid
to the period immediately following the rise and the upper
culmination of the planets. The personality descriptions were
independently rated in terms of their relevance to the 3 major
personality dimensions of E (extraversion), N (neuroticism), and
P (psychoticism), and scores were assigned to each of the people
on these dimensions and their opposites. It was predicted and
found that introverts were significantly more frequently born
when Saturn had just risen or just passed its upper culmination;
extraverts when Mars and Jupiter had just risen, or just passed
their upper culminations. No positive effects were found for N
and only relatively weak effects for P."

Correllations of aspects with more broad based personality tests
(such as the MMPI) and demographics (like U.S. census data)
coming soon ...



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