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Re: Re to Theory of Relationships

Aug 15, 1995 01:47 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to

>> are you aware of the statistical work carried out by the
Frenchman, Michel Gauquelin and his wife? But maybe you all know
this work, and know of some refutation of which I am not aware?

>Yes, I have heard of this work and have heard astrologers
reference it. There are most likely statistical flaws in the
work as it does not show up in any conventional scientific
publication I've been able to find. A good number of statistical
techniques that were accepted in previous decades have been found
today to give false positives. I also talked to a mathematical
statitician (also psychologist) who said that so far there has
been no statistical research which supports astrology.

>Could you send the complete title of the reference for his work?

>Peace, P

I can. Hans Eysenck's Astrology: Science or Superstition? (1984)
summarizes it. Michel and Francoise Gauquelin wrote in French,
of course, but several English translations of their work have

Astrology and Science, London: Peter Davies, 1970

How Atmospheric Conditions Affect Your Health, New York: Stein &
Day, 1971

The Cosmic Clocks, London: Paladin, 1973

Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior, New York: ASI, 1978

Dreams and Illusions of Astrology, Buffalo: Prometheus, 1979

Spheres of Destiny, London: Dent, 1980

These are just the books up till Eysenck's came out; he also
lists two articles:

Star US sportsmen display the Mars effect. The Skeptical
Inquirer, Winter 1979 Personality and the Planets at Birth: an
empirical study. British Journal of Social and Clinical
Psychology, 18, 71-75. @ BTW I met M. Gauquelin in 1988 at a
workshop he gave in Virginia Beach. His findings tend to
validate astrological causation, but not traditional astrology.
For example, his work only confirms planetary influences, and not
signs or houses. (Interestingly the Edgar Cayce readings are
also more supportive of planetary influence than that of zodiacal
signs). The gist of his most solid, replicated findings is that
the positions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon at birth
tend to correlate to vocational choices: sports and military
people tend to have Mars near the ascendant or midheaven, while
political or business types have Saturn there, writers have the
Moon, and I don't recall the Jupiter correlation. I was struck
by this since my Moon is exactly at the midheaven and when I met
MG I was an aspiring writer.


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