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Aug 03, 1995 11:09 AM
by Lewis Lucas


You suggested in your post that the rise in fundamentalism might
be attributed to a desire for answers in an unsure environment.
A few years ago, before the Wall came down and the breakup of the
"Evil Empire" aka the Soviet Union, it seemed the world was on
the brink of thermonuclear war. Much of that threat has
evaporated, which one would think would lead to an increased
optimism for the future. Enter religion to nip all that feel
good stuff in the bud!

Now we are at war with Satan, and must be constantly on our
gaurd. Books must be screened carefully for any reference to
gnomes, elves, and other demons of Satan. Children must be
protected from his influence and keep away from Satanic rituals
like Holloween. Politicians should all be good, God fearing
Christians, who will uphold the values which will return us to
the good old days when women stayed home and raised the children
to be like Richie and not the FONZ!

Meanwhile in the "New Age" community prosperity abounds if we
will just open ourselves up--usually by giving someone at the
other end of a 1-900 call our credit card number--to the bounty
of the universe. Now there is another portion of this community
awaiting their transport ship piloted by benign aliens who have
come to take them away from all this. They are going to be
wisked straight to Nirvana--sorry Disney doesn't have this ride
to offer...yet, but it could be coming to a network near you
soon! If that doesn't work out we may be able to race from "globe
a" to "globe g" seeking enlightenment with the help of our spirit
guides--some of whom are nataive American Indians who can turn
themselves into! Now there is an evolutionary leap

I guess you can tell I am feeling a little sarcastic today.


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